Auction honors Southern fine arts

The 3rd fine art auction themed “South Vietnamese Art & The Sprit Of The Oriental Romance” will be held at Hotel Des Arts Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 3 on January 13.

“Lake in the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens” by Hieu De

The event’s organizer, LYTHI Auction – the Vietnam’s first commercial fine art auction house, will bring to the auction artworks of well-known artists in the Southern region, including Nguyen Trung, Dinh Cuong, Ho Huu Thu, Van Den Tu Duyen, Thai Tuan, Hieu De, Ngoc Dung, Nguyen Van Phuong, Ho Thanh Duc, Buu Chi, Nguyen Quynh, Trinh Thanh Tung.

There will be paintings by ‘brilliantly mad’ poet Bui Giang, architect Ngo Viet Thu and leading satirical painter Nguyen Hai Chi who is known as Choe.

Meanwhile “The Sprit Of The Oriental Romance” is expected to give a deep impression to viewers through artworks by Le Pho, Vu Cao Dam and Le Ba Dang. 

They are amongst the few artists who have achieved fame in France. Their pictures have been collected and owned by international colectors, investment funds and auction houses throughout the world.

The auction aims to honor famous artists who lived in the Southern region before 1975 and present a special period of the Southern fine arts to painting lovers. 

The event is also a chance for collectors and investment funds to contemplate and get Vietnamese rare masterpieces.

All of these artworks have been displayed in the Cafe des Beaux Arts, located on the Ground Floor of the Hôtel des Arts Saigon during one week from January 7-13.


Threads Has Midwest Premiere at Minnesota Fringe Festival


Portland, Oregon, 6/28/12Threads, the true story of an Indiana farm girl in Vietnam, will make its Midwest premiere in August at the 2012 Minnesota Fringe Festival.

All performances at U of M Rarig Center Arena, detailed schedule below. Written and performed by Tonya Jone Miller, the one-woman show recently played to standing ovations and rave reviews at the Orlando International Fringe Festival.

In August of 1968, a farm girl from rural Indiana stepped off a plane in Saigon, Vietnam. The people and events that led her there, and her subsequent adventures, make for an extraordinary tale that proves the truth can be stranger than fiction.

Many people have told the history of the Vietnam War: servicemen and women on both sides, government and diplomatic workers, journalists, Vietnamese civilians. Donna Miller was none of these things. She chose to go to Vietnam, alone, at the height of the conflict. She went to teach English at the Buddhist University in Saigon, but she ended up doing so much more.

From being held at gunpoint on her very first night in-country, to adopting an entire family of Vietnamese orphans, Donna’s unique perspective and experiences form a theatrical narrative that is both universal and intensely personal. Hers is not a war story; it’s a life story.

Based on a series of interviews with the playwright’s mother, Threads celebrates the humor, hope and love that get us through tragedy. Matt Palm of the Orlando Sentinel says the show “quietly and effectively builds to a truly emotional conclusion,” while Michael Freeman of Freeline Media raves it’s “captivating for the entire hour, in no small part to Tonya’s spellbinding performance.”

“I toured the Canadian fringe festival circuit with the ensemble show ‘Inviting Desire: A Theatrical Aphrodisiac’ in 2009,” says Tonya. “We did Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton, and as a traveling performer in a strange city, all you can really afford to do in your downtime is go see other fringe shows. I saw 50+ wildly different shows over the course of that summer, and it completely changed my concept of what theatre is and can be.”

Tonya returned home inspired by her CAFF tour and began interviewing her mother, Donna, about Donna’s time in Vietnam during the war: “I had no idea what I was doing. I’d helped write Inviting Desire as part of an ensemble, but I’d never written a solo show by myself. It started out as ‘Mom has some neat stories. Let’s get them recorded before her memory worsens, and if it doesn’t make a show at least I’ll have some family history for posterity.’ I’d only ever heard two or three anecdotal tales of hers before.”

“Once she started telling me how she got to Vietnam, I realized it was as much of the story as her actual time there. This play is not about the war, though of course the war figures prominently; in that era, you could not escape it. But my mother’s story, like the story of this play coming to fruition, is about how random people and events nudge each of us along our path in life. At the time, perhaps you don’t realize it’s happening, but looking back you can see the beauty of how everything came together to bring us to this moment.”

Threads is a haunting reminder of how connected we are, how we never know the influence a seemingly small action might have, and how in the span of an instant, some people change our lives forever.


Threads Performances at the Minnesota Fringe Festival:

1:00pm Sunday, August 5

8:30pm Monday, August 6

10:00pm Wednesday, August 8

7:00pm Thursday, August 9

10:00pm Saturday, August 11

@ U of M Rarig Center Arena, 330 21st Avenue S, Second Floor

Tickets $12 (Must have Minnesota Fringe Festival button to attend Fringe Festival shows.)

For additional information, please contact Tonya Jone Miller or visit




Asian Pacific Heritage Day 2012 @ MN History Center